GeoSport for Society (Jul 2016)

The Romanian cultural-sports scenery defined by volleyball competitions through structure, dynamics and systemic functionality during 2009-2016

  • Alexandru ILIEȘ,
  • Mariana SZABO-ALEXI

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 1
pp. 51 – 68


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The Romanian cultural-sports scenery results from the combination of a series of elements that are essential to such a system composed of a dynamic component (athletes, coaches, spectators) and a static component (infrastructure and competitions). By extending the spatial, geographic position, the structure, the dynamics and the functionality, such a scene can define an entire urban or rural (locality) area. Volleyball is an indoors team sport, practiced by different age groups and by athletes with a certain body structure, and it can determine a certain type of cultural-sports scenery that has its own specificity. The present study, based on the specialized literature and analytical methods validated by the scientific research, proposes an analysis of the elements emerging from volleyball at the level of the Romanian competitions during the period 2009-2016. In order to define this scene we conducted an analysis, at a local level, of the static component: infrastructure and the dynamic component: sports clubs, sports persons and their gender, age, level of professionalism, geographic distribution.