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[sic]. 2019;9(2) DOI 10.15291/sic/


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Journal Title: [sic]

ISSN: 1847-7755 (Online)

Publisher: University of Zadar

LCC Subject Category: Language and Literature: Literature (General)

Country of publisher: Croatia

Language of fulltext: Croatian, English

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Xavier Farré


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Radionica prevođenja poezije na Pašmanu(Punt rere punt, 2014.Tragom jednog eseja Drage Jančara(La disfressa dels arbres, 2008.)(Inventari de fronteres, 2006.)(Punt rere punt, 2014.)(Punt rere punt, 2014.)(La disfressa dels arbres, 2008.)Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen(Neobjavljena)Emily Dickinson(Punt rere punt, 2014.)(Inventari de fronteres, 2006.)(Inventari de fronteres, 2006.)