Pakistan Journal of Analytical & Environmental Chemistry (Jun 2013)

Effects of Sunflower Wax Coating on Physicochemical Changes of Mangifera Indica L. in Storage Life

  • S. A. Sheikh,
  • S. T. H. Sherazi,
  • Rizwana K. Soomro

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 01
pp. 42 – 46


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Mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruit has a relatively short storage life due to perishable nature. In order to increases the storage life of ‘langra’ mangoes, fruits were coated with sunflower wax. Mangoes were stored at room and refrigerated temperature. Sunflower wax coating protects the mangoes in greater proportion to change their color, weight loss, moisture loss, pH and total soluble solids content. The sensorial panel also favors the grander role of sunflower wax coating. Application of sunflower wax coatings had no effect on vitamin ‘C’ content of mangoes variety and could increases mango storage time around 30 days under regular storage conditions. Sunflower wax coating also inhibited the growth of micro-organisms. The data reveal that by applying a sunflower wax coating effectively prolongs the quality which attributes and extends the shelf life of mango.