Symmetry (Sep 2018)

Twin Peaks: A Possible Signal in the Production of Resonances beyond Special Relativity

  • Germán Albalate,
  • José Manuel Carmona,
  • José Luis Cortés,
  • José Javier Relancio

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 10
p. 432


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It is usually expected that quantum gravity corrections will modify somehow the symmetries of special relativity. In this paper, we point out that the possibility of very low-energy (with respect to the Planck energy) modifications to special relativity in the framework of a deformed relativistic theory is not ruled out, and that, depending on the value of that scale, such a possibility could be tested in accelerator physics. In particular, we take a simple example of a relativistic kinematics beyond special relativity from the literature, and obtain a remarkable effect: two correlated peaks (twin peaks) associated with a single resonance. We analyze this phenomenology in detail, use present experimental data to put constraints of the order of TeV on the scale of corrections to special relativity, and note that such an effect might be observable in a future very high-energy proton collider.