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Two letters from Dragutin Anastasijević to Vladimir Beneševič from january 1936

Zbornik Radova Vizantološkog Instituta. 2010;2010(47):323-330 DOI 10.2298/ZRVI1047323R


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Journal Title: Zbornik Radova Vizantološkog Instituta

ISSN: 0584-9888 (Print); 2406-0917 (Online)

Publisher: Institute for Byzantine Studies of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

LCC Subject Category: History (General) and history of Europe

Country of publisher: Serbia

Language of fulltext: English, French, Russian, German, Bulgarian, Serbian

Full-text formats available: PDF



Radić Radivoj


Double blind peer review

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Time From Submission to Publication: 25 weeks


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This work consists of the translation and commentary on two letters, actually two postcards that professor Dragutin Anastasijević wrote to the Russian scientist Vladimir Benešević in the second half of January 1936. The letters were written in Russian, and they clearly state that there had been a plan to appoint V. Benešević as Church Law Department Chair at the Faculty of Theology in Belgrade. However, due to family reasons he did not accept the invitation to come and join our society. The distinguished Russian scientist was executed by the firing squad on January 27, 1938, during the Soviet purges.