Fiyz̤ (Jun 2021)

The effect of 8 weeks of curcumin supplementation consumption on muscle injury and inflammatory response following an acute strength activity in male futsal players

  • Ahmadzadeh A,
  • Pourrahim-Ghoroughchi A,
  • Afroundeh R

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 25, no. 1
pp. 743 – 751


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Background: Curcumin supplementation consumption is effective in reducing muscle damage and inflammation sport performance. This study aimed to effect of eight weeks of curcumin supplementation consumption on muscle injury and inflammation following an acute session of strength activity in male futsal players. Materials and Methods: Twenty male futsal players (age (year): 26.06±3.88 and BMI: 24.4±3.17) volunteered to participate in the study and were randomly assigned to supplementation and control groups. Blood sampling was performed in four stages. After the first blood sampling from both supplementation and control groups, one acute session of circular strength training in 5 stations and 3sets with 75%1RM were performed. The second blood sampling was performed. Forty-eight hours later, the experimental group used 150 mg curcumin supplementation tablet, 3 days a week during 8 weeks. Forty-eight hours after the last using, blood sampling was performed in both groups. Both supplementation and control groups performed the second acute circular strength training and one hour later, the fourth stage blood sampling was performed. Control group consumed placebo during 8 weeks. Data were analyzed using SPSS software version 25 using mixed analysis of variance. Results: The results showed that 8 weeks curcumin supplementation consumption, significantly decreased creatine kinase, white blood cells, neutrophils and monocytes following acute second strength activity (P0.05). Conclusion: It seems that curcumin supplementation consumption can reduce exercise-induced muscle injury and inflammation in male futsal players. So, it is recommended that male futsal coaches and players use curcumin supplements to reduce muscle damage and inflammation after an acute strength activity.