Electoral Support for the Czech Green Party in Relation to Post-Materialism, 2006–2013

Central European Political Studies Review. 2017;19(3-4):243-263 DOI 10.5817/CEPSR.2017.34.243


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Journal Title: Central European Political Studies Review

ISSN: 1213-2691 (Print); 1212-7817 (Online)

Publisher: Masaryk University

Society/Institution: International Institute of Political Science

LCC Subject Category: Political science: Political theory

Country of publisher: Czechia

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Michal Pink

Ondřej Sax

Andrea Smolková


Double blind peer review

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The article analyses the relationship between electoral support of the Green Party in the Czech Republic and the level of post-materialism on municipal level. Indicators of post-materialism (lower age, university education, middle and upper class/income, lower unemployment rate in the municipality, and larger municipality size) are based on the concept of post-materialism developed by Ronald Inglehart as well as other studies. The study analyses data aggregated at the municipal level, first for the whole nation and then in more depth for two selected regions. Quantitative methods and techniques, mainly correlation and regression, are used to determine the relationship between the variables.