Развитие образования (Dec 2019)

Methods of Increasing Motivation and Quality of Potential Primary School Teachers’ Mathematical Education

  • Rimma V. Kanbekova,
  • Elvira A. Izhbulatova,
  • Liliya K. Salimova

Journal volume & issue
no. 4 (6)
pp. 19 – 22


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The article describes the implementation of project tasks in the study of rational and irrational numbers, presents the results of a questionnaire survey of students, potential primary school teachers, while studying the numerical line in a course on mathematics. The purpose of the article is to consider the effect of supplementing a material of a numerical line with original content on motivation when teaching mathematics to students of non-mathematical profiles. Methods. A questionnaire survey was conducted on the indifferent or negative attitude of students to the study of the rational and irrational numbers theory. Using theoretical and experimental methods, the hypothesis on the formation of positive motivation among students through the solution of project tasks, the compilation and implementation of which gives them a sense of independence, freedom of choice, success, is tested. Conclusions presented in the article are based on the results of the study. Due to the implementation of project tasks, students in the study of the discipline «Mathematics» felt the usefulness of the knowledge gained and showed high marks on exams. It is concluded that the teaching of the numerical line in the course on mathematics at the university using the techniques mentioned below in the article allowed to increase the level of positive motivation among students.