Evropejskij Issledovatelʹ (Aug 2014)

Consumer Attitude Toward Mobile Marketing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Irma Jasarspahic,
  • Teoman Duman

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 81, no. 8-2
pp. 1523 – 1531


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Driven by the ongoing evolution in mobile technologies and the increasing popularity of the internet, the mobile marketing is becoming more and more popular to marketers whose aim is definitely to promote their goods and services to the consumer. Since many people are still unaware of the potential of marketing via mobile devices this research aimed to examine factors based on content of mobile marketing (entertainment, information, irritation, utility and personalization) and frequency factor that are affecting the formation of attitude toward mobile marketing targeting BH consumers, and also will try bring to light the response behavior of consumers attitude toward mobile marketing practices and how consumers perceive mobile marketing in BH. The research approach for this study is descriptive and the data was collected by 200 online surveys from young population of BH. The data was analyzed using the software program SPSS. Based on analysis and findings, variables of content have different effect on consumer attitude. Research has shown that a lot of respondents believe mobile marketing is a good idea and that they certainly eases the need for products and services. This paper could be used as a good basis for future research on bigger sample.