DIID (Feb 2024)

How Design Thinking Could Benefit Future Educational Environments in a Post-Pandemic Era?

  • Yuqing Zhu,
  • Yunyu Ouyang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. Digital Special Issue 1


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This research paper gives an overview of students’ experience in a virtual learning context during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. By categorising students’ perceptions based on a geographic-based social context, the research analyses a general tendency of their learning experience at three different levels — family and community-based level (small-sized), region-based level (medium-sized), and international level (grand-sized). The investigation uses a hybrid research method including direct observation, interviews, and design thinking strategies — including empathising, redefining and prototyping. The author has also been referring to two directions that may enhance the future learning environment design for students’ better experience. 1. To leverage the power of existing memory. 2. To research people’s micro habits and the hidden psychological factor behind them.