Brazilian Journal of Radiation Sciences (Dec 2022)

Development of an additional filtration system by 3D printing for the implementation of new X-ray beam qualities used in diagnostic radiology.

  • José Neres de Almeida Junior,
  • Orlando Rodrigues Junior,
  • Maria da Penha Albuquerque Potiens

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 3B


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The Calibration Laboratory (LCI) of the Nuclear and Energy Research Institute (IPEN-/CNEN) offers calibration services for radiation measurements instruments used in radiation protection, diagnostic radiology and radiotherapy. LCI produces radiation qualities and irradiation conditions which are in accordance with the national and international standard requirements. In order to establish the recommended radiation qualities for diagnostic radiology, X-ray beams generated in laboratory are modified for the irradiation conditions found in equipment routinely used in healthcare services. In this work, a new additional filtration system was developed to be adapted to the existing filter system at LCI. The new filter support can be coupled to the PTW Bench Control installed at the LCI X-ray system. Using a FDM 3D printer, a support model and a set of drawers were developed for the placement of additional filters. The models were also developed to fit each specific drawer of each filter to be used in the laboratory routine, coupled to the specific sensors that fit the spaces of the support part. Additionally, a microcontroller based on Arduino, micro switches, low- and high-level programming, allow checking of drawer status and integration of information with the laboratory control system. The system allows the recognition of the filter inserted in the drawer from sensors attached to the support. Tests were carried out to verify the usability of the system in the routine, adding Ag (silver) and Cu (copper) filters, for the characterization of attenuated radiation beams of interest in diagnostic radiology.