Akofena (Jun 2024)

Immutability and the Expression of black Identity in the Context of the Transatlantic Voyage through the Series Roots (Seasons 1, Episodes 1)

  • Camille Dorian NZAOU NYAMA

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 03, no. 012


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Abstract: This study delves into the depiction of black identity and immutability in the context of the Transatlantic Voyage as portrayed in the two versions of the ROOTS series. Drawing on theories of social construction of reality and qualitative analysis, it explores how the experiences of black individuals during slavery inform contemporary societal dynamics. Through thematic analysis of the first episodes, it examines the effects of detention conditions on slaves, highlighting themes of cramped quarters, unsanitary conditions, crew brutality, dehumanization, and psychological trauma. The study interprets the immutability of black identity, focusing on dignity and hope for a better future as enduring characteristics. It then examines the diachronic interpretation of black identity from slavery to modern times, addressing issues of social injustice and racial discrimination. Keywords: Black identity, immutability, Transatlantic Voyage, social construction of reality, contemporary societal dynamics.