A Study on Application Effects of Scrum Development Methodology in National Defense Information Systems Maintenance

선진국방연구. 2018;1(1)


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Journal Title: 선진국방연구

ISSN: 2635-5531 (Print)

Publisher: Institute of Defense Acquisition Program

LCC Subject Category: Military Science

Country of publisher: Korea, Republic of

Language of fulltext: English, Korean

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Eunhee Choi (Korea Institute for Defense Analyses)


Double blind peer review

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본 연구는 현행 국방정보체계 유지보수 수행절차의 문제를 보완하기 위하여 스크럼 개발방법론에 사용자평가를 가미한 개발방법론을 제안하고 적용에 따른 기대효과를 분석한다. 전문가 인터뷰를 통해 수집한 실사례를 기반으로 현행방법론의 문제를 분석하고 제안방안을 통한 개선 가능성을 확인했다. 그 결과 제안방안을 적용하면 요구사항의 추가 또는 변경을 예방할 수 있고 성공적으로 사업을 완수할 수 있을 것이며 이에 따라 국방정보체계의 품질과 사용자 만족도가 향상될 것으로 기대된다. This study suggests the scrum development methodology adopting the user evaluation method which purpose is to improve the current defense information system maintenance procedure, and shows the expected effect of the methodology. It reports the effects of the proposed procedure and the problems of the current one which are acquired by analyzing real cases collected by interview with experts. As a result, the study is proved effective to prevent extra request or any further changes and to lead the successful completion of a project. Accordingly, the quality of the national defense information system and user satisfaction are expected to improve.