Colloquia Theologica Ottoniana (Jan 2014)

Księga Liczb jako końcowy etap w redagowaniu Pięcioksięgu?

  • Janusz Lemański

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2


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A detailed analysis of the Book of Numbers allows us to perceive it as a work which is diverse as far as the language, style, theology and legal traditions are concerned. On the one hand we can notice here traces of editorial work of priestly and non-priestly authors. On the other hand there is an attempt to synthesize both these theological currents. Legal material in the Book of Numbers has also a supplementary character when compare to solutions presented in other texts. Traces of later editorial work can be found in several pericopes of the Book of Numbers (e.g. Nu 11–12). On the one hand, the contents of the book prepares the reader to the events described in the Book of Joshua and on the other hand, it convinces him on the crucial role of Moses. All this allows a contemporary researcher to state the opinion that the book came under the last editorial work of Pentateuch which should be dated to the second half of the 4th century before Christ.