IEEE Access (Jan 2019)

Optimal Time Allocation in Multi-Cell Wireless Powered Communication Networks

  • Chunlong He,
  • Jiaqian Liang,
  • Gongbin Qian,
  • Chongtao Guo,
  • Daquan Feng

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7
pp. 26519 – 26526


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This paper focuses on time allocation to maximize the minimum throughput and sum-throughput of all users in a multi-cell wireless powered communication network (WPCN). Since interference of multi-cell WPCN is difficult to be calculated, we consider a multi-cell WPCN with load coupling and long-term average interference at all hybrid access points. The problems of maximizing the minimum throughput and sum-throughput are non-convex. First, two efficient optimization approaches are proposed to transform them into convex ones. As the max-min fairness throughput scheme cares more about the worst-case user, the doubly near-far problem can be addressed by the minimum throughput maximation. We also demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approaches through numerical analysis.