Forest Research Papers (2019-09-01)

Evaluating the suitability of machinery use during skidding of wood in pine stands

  • Szewczyk Katarzyna,
  • Iwanicki Piotr

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 80, no. 3
pp. 219 – 226


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Skidding of large-sized logs requires special machinery such as skidders, clambunks, forwarders or farm tractors with a winch or hydraulic tongs. The precise choice of which skidding machine to use depends largely on the desired efficiency and economic factors. The aim of this research was to evaluate the suitability of three different machines (LKT 81 skidder, John Deere 1110D forwarder and Pronar 1221A agricultural tractor with hydraulic tongs) for wood skidding based on technical and economic indicators. The practical work for this research was carried out in the Mirosławiec Forest Division in areas with fresh mixed coniferous forest habitats where the dominant species in the stands was pine and strip-like clear cutting was the preferred management practice.