HTS Teologiese Studies/Theological Studies (Sep 2017)

Yolanda Dreyer: Haar proses van bewusmaking – ’n Waarderende refleksie op haar bydrae tot die akademiese diskoers ten opsigte van die temas gender, huwelik en seksualiteit

  • Annelie Botha

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 73, no. 4
pp. e1 – e12


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The focus of this reflection on Yolanda Dreyer’s contribution to the academy is her research ongender, sexuality and marriage. The contributions she has made were written from a pastoralperspective and focused on pastoral interaction with women. The issues surrounding thechurch’s view on marriage does not only concern the roles given to women but also the placeand status that the church and society assigned to marriage as an institution. Her contributionin the area of sexuality is very closely linked to the insights she provides in her research onhomosexuality. How sexuality is seen has an impact on how homosexuality and heterosexualityare reflected on.