Sensors (May 2020)

A Prototype Microwave System for 3D Brain Stroke Imaging

  • Jorge A. Tobon Vasquez,
  • Rosa Scapaticci,
  • Giovanna Turvani,
  • Gennaro Bellizzi,
  • David O. Rodriguez-Duarte,
  • Nadine Joachimowicz,
  • Bernard Duchêne,
  • Enrico Tedeschi,
  • Mario R. Casu,
  • Lorenzo Crocco,
  • Francesca Vipiana

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 20, no. 2607
p. 2607


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This work focuses on brain stroke imaging via microwave technology. In particular, the open issue of monitoring patients after stroke onset is addressed here in order to provide clinicians with a tool to control the effectiveness of administered therapies during the follow-up period. In this paper, a novel prototype is presented and characterized. The device is based on a low-complexity architecture which makes use of a minimum number of properly positioned and designed antennas placed on a helmet. It exploits a differential imaging approach and provides 3D images of the stroke. Preliminary experiments involving a 3D phantom filled with brain tissue-mimicking liquid confirm the potential of the technology in imaging a spherical target mimicking a stroke of a radius equal to 1.25 cm.