Colloquia Germanica Stetinensia (Jan 2017)

Liebe, Freiheit und Patriotismus im Roman "Cordelia" von Caroline von Wolzogen

  • Barbara Rowińska-Januszewska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 26


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The paper examines the most important motifs in the last novel "Cordelia" by Caroline von Wolzogen. She was one of the first German women’s writers, Schillers sister-in-law, known mostly by her first novel "Agnes von Lilien" and "Schiller’s Biography". Von Wolzogen’s last novel has so far hardly been investigated. It shows Wolzogen as an idealist and patriot (Napoleon’s time, Liberation wars) who has remained faithful to the ideals of Weimar Classicism, especially the ideas of Schiller (“beautiful soul”) and Wilhelm von Humboldt.