Measuring satisfaction rate of Shiraz University Students with Pars Azarakhsh (OFOGH) user interface and analysis of some of its significant design elements

Iranian Journal of Information Processing & Management. 2007;23(1):1-22


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Journal Title: Iranian Journal of Information Processing & Management

ISSN: 2251-8223 (Print); 2251-8231 (Online)

Publisher: Iranian Research Institute for Information and Technology

LCC Subject Category: Bibliography. Library science. Information resources

Country of publisher: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Language of fulltext: Persian

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Jafar Mehrad ( Shiraz University )

Reza Asari shahr ( )


Double blind peer review

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The objective of the present study was to study and analyse the design elements and features of Pars Azarakhsh software user interface and to measure the satisfaction of the users (in this case, shiraz university students) interacting with it. Other goals included measurement of impact factor of variables such as gender, field of study, academic level, library literacy, computer literacy, familiarity and experience with OPAC, and extent of OPAC usage on user satisfaction. The highest satisfaction dealt with software information displays, and the least belonged to software terminology and messages. No significance was found between the students gender, past experience and skill with Pars Azarakhsh software. No significant relationship was found between students library and computer literacies and their satisfaction with software interaction. There is however a significant relationship between the software usage frequency with students satisfaction when interacting with Pars Azarakhsh software. Overall, the findings demonstrated that the students participating in this study, where typically satisfied when interacting with the Pars Azarakhsh Software.