Journal of Electrical Systems (Mar 2016)

The Equal Areas Pulse Width Modulation (EAPWM) Method: an alternative approach to programmed PWM schemes

  • D. Nafpaktitis,
  • F. Paterakis,
  • M. Darwish,
  • G. Hloupis

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 1
pp. 174 – 186


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This paper investigates a direct approach to programmed PWM modelling directed to simplification of implementation. Analytical equations of Equal Areas Pulse Width Modulation (EAPWM) method are presented along with harmonic analysis results for odd number of pulses in half period of a 3-level single phase VSI. Simulation and practical work is being presented also. Estimation of the marginal modulation index has been carried out, inside the linear region of operation. The proposed method provides a rigid framework since it lies on a well-defined mathematical formulation without the need of large computational effort.