Journal of Pathology and Translational Medicine (2021-01-01)

A case of cribriform carcinoma of the skin: a newly described rare condition

  • Hyun Lee,
  • Chong-Hyun Won,
  • Chan-Sik Park

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 55, no. 1
pp. 68 – 74


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Primary cribriform carcinoma of the skin is an indolent, rare, adnexal tumor. Although its malignant potential remains uncertain, no recurrence or metastasis has been reported. A 33-year-old man presented with a solitary, erythematous, subcutaneous nodule on the right knee. The clinical impression was epidermal cyst, and the resected tumor demonstrated a well-circumscribed mass in the dermis and subcutis. The tumor was composed of two regions: a solid component and a cribriform component. The solid component (90%) showed multiple solid nests of epithelial cells. Individual cells had large, oval-to-round, hyperchromatic, pleomorphic nuclei with a nuclear groove. The cribriform component (10%) showed similar neoplastic cells with many prominent lumina. Some lumina had an eosinophilic substance that exhibited a positive periodic acid-Schiff reaction. No recurrence or metastasis was observed within a follow-up period of eight months after excision. In conclusion, we report the first case of primary cribriform carcinoma of the skin in Korea.