Two Decades of Lexicographica Series Maior

Lexikos. 2011;14 DOI 10.5788/14--700


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Journal Title: Lexikos

ISSN: 1684-4904 (Print); 2224-0039 (Online)

Publisher: Woordeboek van die Afrikaanse Taal-WAT

Society/Institution: Stellenbosch University

LCC Subject Category: Language and Literature: Philology. Linguistics | Language and Literature: Languages and literature of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania | Language and Literature: Germanic languages. Scandinavian languages

Country of publisher: South Africa

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Reinhard Hartmann


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<p>Abstract: This article is a personal account, from the point of view of one of its editors, of thepublishing history of Lexicographica Series Maior.</p><p>Keywords: LEXICOGRAPHICA SERIES MAIOR, PUBLISHING HISTORY, METALEXICOGRAPHY,LEXICOGRAPHY</p><p>Opsomming: Twee dekades van Lexicographica Series Maior. Hierdie artikel is'n persoonlike weergawe, uit die gesigspunt van een van sy redakteurs, van die publikasiegeskiedenisvan Lexicographica Series Maior.</p><p>Sleutelwoorde: LEXICOGRAPHICA SERIES MAIOR, PUBLIKASIEGESKIEDENIS, METALEKSIKOGRAFIE, LEKSIKOGRAFIE</p>