Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2016)

Development possibilities for ferry transport in Adriatic-Ionian region

  • Marina Zanne,
  • Elen Twrdy,
  • Bośtjan Zlak,
  • Maja Stojaković

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 124


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Adriatic and Ionian Sea form a body of water that connects seven countries of the South East Europe. This area was always used as a transport route, and ferry traffic boomed in the 1990s. However, in the last decade we have been witnessing a continuous decline of ferry traffic in most of the Adriatic-Ionian ports. In this paper we provide a description of the current situation on ferry transport in Adriatic-Ionian region with the focus on passenger flows. We determine trends and assess the potential for the extended use offerry shipping in the region.