Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2015)

Innowacje w transporcie – na przykładzie badań w sektorze transportowym

  • Dariusz M. Trzmielak,
  • Mariusz Woźniakowski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 121


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Transport innovations become widely known and adopted in the social and business systems. The main challenge concerning the transport innovation in Poland is the modernization of the infrastructure and sustainable development. A clear investment plan is needed in order to provide efficient and reliable signs to investors and public policy makers to encourage them to technological, product and services innovations. Finally better transport system conditions can be expected in the future. The central European economy is global and transport sector will be the part of international transport links. Therefore Polish transport infrastructure must improve and the improving motorway network is a key motivator for logistic development. Good roads, public transport services and clean energy transport are necessary, but we suggest that they should be sufficient to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage.