Prosthogonimus cuneatus (Digenea, Prosthogonimidae) in Bithynia tentaculata mollusks in Ukraine

Vìsnik Dnìpropetrovsʹkogo Unìversitetu: Serìâ Bìologìâ, Ekologìâ. 2011;19(1):31-35 DOI 10.15421/011105


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Journal Title: Vìsnik Dnìpropetrovsʹkogo Unìversitetu: Serìâ Bìologìâ, Ekologìâ

ISSN: 2310-0842 (Print); 2312-301X (Online)

Publisher: Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University

LCC Subject Category: Science: Biology (General)

Country of publisher: Ukraine

Language of fulltext: Russian, Ukrainian, English

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Y. P. Zhytova
A. M. Yemets


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Parthenitae and larvae of Prosthogonimus cuneatus Rudolphi, 1809 in the fresh water mollusk Bithynia tentaculata s were firstly found in the eastern Polissya (the Psel river bend, Sumy oblast). The paper presents the morphological characteristics of the P. cuneatus cercariae. Comparative analysis of the dimensional data of P. cuneatus sporocysts and larvae with their parthenitae and larvae described by T. A. Krasnolobova (1961), L. F. Filimonova and V. I. Shalyapina (1980), and E. Arystanov (1986) from B. tentaculata, B. inflata and B.caerulans mollusks was made.