Acta Universitatis Carolinae: Philologica (Aug 2021)

Grønlands apostel i kampen mod Abraham Grønlænder – ofringsnarrativer i kim leines roman Rød mand/sort mand

  • Anita Soós

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2021, no. 1
pp. 53 – 64


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The literary interest in Greenland has been growing steadily in recent years. Both the question of the countryʼs secession from Denmark and the handling of imperialism's historical heritage have occupied the public. The author Kim Leine diligently contributes to the debate with his works on the cultural encounters between Danes and Greenlanders. Following an overview of Leine’s description of the coexistence of colonizers and colonized and the political and religious influence of the former on the latter in the beginning of the 18. century this paper discusses how Leine tries to debunk the common perception of Danes as soft colonizers. The main purpose of the article is to investigate how the difference between the two cultures manifests itself in the father-son relations, with a special focus on the interpretation of the act of sacrifice in the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac. The approach is inspired by postcolonial theory.