L'Espace Politique (Nov 2022)

Les géographes et la drogue

  • Pierre-Arnaud Chouvy

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 45


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Illegal drug production and trafficking has been of very little interest to geographers in spite of the existence of highly geographical issues and of the worldwide distribution of drug plants. Drugs have been largely left out of geography internationally and even more so in France where a geopolitical approach has nevertheless been more successful there than those of cultural geography and geography of development. It is possible that the empirical imperative and the difficulty and risks of conducting field research on an illegal object explain, if not this lack of interest of geographers, at least their neglect of the very topic of illegal drug production. The small place of geographers in academic research on drug production is discussed through a rapid review of the drug-related literature produced by geographers and by researchers from other social sciences.