Nature Communications (Aug 2022)

Engineering an autonomous VH domain to modulate intracellular pathways and to interrogate the eIF4F complex

  • Yuri Frosi,
  • Yen-Chu Lin,
  • Jiang Shimin,
  • Siti Radhiah Ramlan,
  • Kelly Hew,
  • Alf Henrik Engman,
  • Anil Pillai,
  • Kit Yeung,
  • Yue Xiang Cheng,
  • Tobias Cornvik,
  • Par Nordlund,
  • Megan Goh,
  • Dilraj Lama,
  • Zachary P. Gates,
  • Chandra S. Verma,
  • Dawn Thean,
  • David P. Lane,
  • Ignacio Asial,
  • Christopher J. Brown

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 1
pp. 1 – 22


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Approaches have been devised to increase the discovery rate of intrabodies but often these yield results that aren’t functional in cells. Here the authors engineer and optimise an autonomous and disulphide-free human VH domain for intracellular expression, and they identify several VH domain binders against eIF4E.