Shock and Vibration (Jan 2021)

Testing  Method for  the Range of  Fracture Zone of  Rock  Slope under Blasting Load

  • Zhide Wang,
  • Zuyao Ma,
  • Yuanyou Xia,
  • Xiong Zhou,
  • Manqing Lin,
  • Jie Li,
  • Jinyuan Wang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2021


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In engineering blasting, the determination of the range of rock blasting fracture zone has important guiding significance for blasting construction. This paper proposes a method that can accurately and directly obtain the range of rock blasting fracture zone. Based on the theory of elastic wave propagation, test rods which are made of appropriate material are selected and prepared. A certain number of boreholes are drilled for subsequent insertion of the test rods along the direction perpendicular to the free surface of the excavation at a certain distance from the blast hole. Based on the field blasting test results, the deepest fracture position of the test rod is used as the boundary of the blasting fracture zone, and the range of the rock blasting fracture zone is obtained. A numerical analysis model is established according to the Mohr–Coulomb constitutive relationship and the Von Mises yield criterion. Then, the range of the fracture zone and the maximum horizontal radius of the fracture zone are analyzed and obtained. The numerical analysis results are compared with the field measured data. It is demonstrated that the range of the fracture zone obtained by the numerical simulation is in good agreement with the blasting test results of the pre-embedded test rods. The research results can provide references for the safety control of blasting and excavation of rock slopes.