New Technologies as an Important Factor in the Development of the Information Society

Наукові праці Національної бібліотеки України імені В.І. Вернадського. 2017;(46):345-357


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Journal Title: Наукові праці Національної бібліотеки України імені В.І. Вернадського

ISSN: 2224-9516 (Print); 2224-9524 (Online)

Publisher: Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine

Society/Institution: Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine

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Country of publisher: Ukraine

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Medvedeva Valentyna


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Today the processes of informatization of the library sector, the organization of library institutions, the introduction of new technological processes on the basis of modern information technologies are constantly in the field of view of foreign and domestic librarians. Introduction of new technologies significantly expands the range of services provided by library institutions, diversifies the presentation of library products. The current dynamics of the development of library institutions in the coming years will allow us to reach a qualitatively new level of information and library processes, the management of library resources, which will largely depend on the quality and functionality of the software tools used by libraries. With the advent of new types and carriers of information, the task is to manage them effectively and provide users access to them. Today, this task is a priority in the organization of library and information work. In particular, the implementation of one of its traditional functions - advisory, currently implemented with the help of new technologies - helps to find its niche in modern information exchanges of a library institution. Increasingly, modern library institutions resort to solving technological problems of information support in a remote mode. Thanks to the innovations implementing, it becomes possible to perform the entire range of technological operations of the library. With the development of information communication in the modern society, the requirements to the library information system, the specialization of these systems, taking into account the specific approaches to solving the problems of effective information supply of science, education, culture and other spheres of public activity, increase. Specificity of library institutions as updated new information centers requires further development of research to increase using of information resources.