Autobiografia (Jan 2017)

Intymistyczny charakter autoetnografii na przykładzie badań sportowych doświadczeń

  • Honorata Jakubowska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9


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The aim of the article is to answer the question whether and, if so, to what extent autoethnography can be treated as a type of intimate literature. The article consists of three parts. The first part presents autoethnography, which combines the elements of autobiography and ethnography, as a gaining popularity research practice. The second part describes the use of autoethnography in sports and embodied experiences studies, while the third part presents the selected fragments of the personal narratives which reveal intimate nature of autoethnography. The overlook of literature leads to the conclusion that although autoethnography differs from autobiographical forms, similarly to them it situates the reader within the author/researcher’s private or even intimate world.