Les fondements idéologiques et religieux des récits de création en Orient ancien : Parcours à travers quelques témoins mythologiques et bibliques

Cahiers d'Études du Religieux- Recherches Interdisciplinaires. 2017;17 DOI 10.4000/cerri.1685


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Journal Title: Cahiers d'Études du Religieux- Recherches Interdisciplinaires

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Publisher: Centre interdisciplinaire d’Études du Religieux (CIER)

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Stéphanie Anthonioz


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The myths of origin and more particularly the creation narratives in the ancient Near East reflect on issues touching existence, the world, time, life and death. This article proposes an overview of these narratives so as to understand the exact world order they establish. It will successively examine the relation between nature and culture in the creation narratives of ancient Mesopotamia, the separation of these concepts and the differentiation between nature and culture in certain testimonies and, finally, the biblical creation narratives (Gn 1-3) and their reinterpretation of the ideological foundations of the previously analysed world order.