Global Journal of Medicine and Public Health (2016-01-01)

Key challenges of human resources for health in India

  • Priya Sinha

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 5, no. 4


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Background and Objective Since independence the efforts have been to strengthen the health infrastructure, its accessibility and coverage. The human resources for health have been an important determinant for system but it has received significance recently. Even government expenditure on health has remained at not more than 1% of Gross Domestic Product which is very less as compared to world standard. Now the biggest challenge is the shortage of skilled human resource for health at all levels in the healthcare delivery system. The article aimed at understanding the current status of human resources for health and initiatives adopted to deal with existing shortage and to highlight factors leading to further shortage and to bring to notice the use of talent management strategy as a retention tool. Review Methodology The review used descriptive research design using secondary sources from journals-articles using key words. The study also used exclusion and inclusion criteria to select the articles. The study was done using extensive review of literature on health sector, health workforce, its availability and scarcity due to attrition/emigration in India. The critical review helped in setting objective for the study. Findings The review of articles provided insight into the current status of health workforce in India. The earlier studies emphasized that gap between demand and supply of human resource for health is mainly due to increasing population and burden of diseases. Studies have now identified other factors leading to further shortage as attrition/emigration of skilled health workforce. Most of the initiatives are mainly directed towards increasing supply of human resources for health to deal with the scarcity and less emphasis to control attrition. Few studies highlighted the use of talent management strategy to deal with the challenges of attrition and emigration that helps in retention and controlling further shortage. Recommendations and Conclusion The study provided insight into factors further leading to scarcity of human resources for health as attrition/emigration, which has received attention lately and more needs to be done for initiatives and policies to control attrition/emigration. It highlighted talent management strategy is used as effective retention tool by organizations across the world to deal with attrition/emigration. The study recommends study and analyses use of the talent management practices as effective retention tool for human resources for health in India. This needs comprehensive study of talent management practices useful in controlling attrition/emigration and promoting retention decision of employees.