npj Regenerative Medicine (Jul 2017)

A blueprint for the next generation of ELSI research, training, and outreach in regenerative medicine

  • Judy Illes,
  • Douglas Sipp,
  • Erika Kleiderman,
  • Shelly Benjaminy,
  • Rosario Isasi,
  • Geoff Lomax,
  • Zubin Master,
  • Jennifer McCormick,
  • Ubaka Ogbogu,
  • Vardit Ravitsky,
  • Julie M. Robillard,
  • Fabio Rossi,
  • Brenda Wilson,
  • Amy Zarzeczny

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 1
pp. 1 – 4


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Abstract Regenerative medicine has attracted the interest of scientists, physicians, and patient communities, and as well as policy-makers and the broader public given related ethical, legal, and social implications. Here we examine past initiatives in the ethical, legal and social implications arena in regenerative medicine, and offer our views on actionable priorities for the future in six key areas: capacity building, policy, engagement with industry, resaerch ethics, communication, and community building.