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Approaches: Music Therapy & Special Music Education. 2010;2(1):25-31


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Journal Title: Approaches: Music Therapy & Special Music Education

ISSN: 1791-9622 (Print)

Publisher: Greek Association of Primary Music Education Teachers

LCC Subject Category: Music and books on Music: Musical instruction and study

Country of publisher: Greece

Language of fulltext: Modern Greek (1453-), English

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Evangelia Papanikolaou

Diane Austin


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Note from the interviewer: Diane Austin's new book “The Theory and Practice of Vocal Psychotherapy: Songs of the Self” (2008) which was published recently, has been an excellent opportunity to learn more about the use of voice in therapy, its clinical applications and its enormous possibilities that offers within a psychotherapeutic setting. This interview focuses on introducing some of these aspects based on Austin’s work, and on exploring her background, motivations and considerations towards this pioneer music-therapeutic approach. The interview has been edited by Diane Austin and Evangelia Papanikolaou and took place via a series of emails, dated from September to December 2009.