Sport Mont (Apr 2005)


  • Nenad Pivač

Journal volume & issue
Vol. III, no. 6-7
pp. 339 – 349


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Physical training is a part of the comprehensive training process, which aims to develop, improve and maintain the level of physical and functional abilities of sportsman, in this case handball players. In literature, as in the sport language, various terms and phrases, like “psychophysic, condition” training are used. However, the authors of this paper consider ”physical training” the most adequate term. The subject of this research is general and specific training of handball players. However, because of the size of the problem, the attention has been paid to the pedagogicprofessional principles which every pedagogue working in the process of physical training of handball players should know. At the same time, the relation of general and specific physical training has been partly studied. The authors had to find and study vast professional literature and works of our and foreign experts where this problem has been dealt with. Having studied and systematized the available scientific data, and taking into consideration the experience of well-known trainers, spotrsman as well as their own, the authors are going to make a professional-pegagogic presentation of the obtained results. The main goal of this research is to recommend the obtained information to all the professionals working with sportsmen – handball players, to incorporate the latest discoveries in the area of physical training into the plans and programmes, and to point out the necessity of every trainer’s knowledge and applying of the main principles in the process of physical training of handball players. In sport theory, there are not many papers on this subject. It is a fact that in today’s practice not enough attention is paid to the problems concerning the physical training of sportsmen, which is usually carried out spontaneously, often with no previous checking of the achieved results of both general and specific physical training of sportsmen.