Antarctic Record (Jun 2008)

Preliminary evaluation of Dome Fuji as a possible site for an infrared astronomical observatory -SODAR measurement of atmospheric turbulence in the boundary layer in Antarctic summer-

  • Naruhisa Takato,
  • Fumihiro Uraguchi,
  • Hideaki Motoyama,
  • Kotaro Fukui,
  • Makoto Taguchi,
  • Takashi Ichikawa,
  • Yuichiro Taniguchi,
  • Chihiro Murata

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 52, no. special issue
pp. 182 – 192


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The Antarctic plateau can be the best astronomical observatory site on the earth because of its very dry air and low temperature. We have observed atmospheric turbulence in the boundary layer (up to the altitude of 1000m above ice surface) by SODAR during JARE-48. We obtained valid continuous data of turbulence strength and three dimensional wind speed from Dec. 21, 2006 to Jan. 14, 2007. Our data show clear correlation between turbulent layer height and solar elevation. Also reported is the jolt measured during transportation from Cape Town to Dome Fuji.