Sensors & Transducers (Sep 2014)

Design of Heat Exchange Station Automatic Control System Based on Control Network

  • Hai TIAN,
  • Xiaojun QI,
  • Zhenkui WU

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 178, no. 9
pp. 298 – 303


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Considering current shortage of the technique for obtaining and tracking setting values of water supply temperature of the secondary pipe network in heat exchange station control system, a cascade fuzzy controller was designed. Combined with a specific engineering project, a monitoring system formed of wireless and wired network was built. Technical scheme of the monitoring system, network structure, software and hardware configuration, as well as control strategy of the related process are included in the design. Meanwhile, software aided design and simulation experiments in MATLAB software and the concrete implementation method in Siemens S7- 200CPU226PLC are also introduced for the fuzzy controller. The simulation and practical operation both show that because of adopting the automatic control system based on network communication, the system has acquired improved dynamic quality, real-time performance and stability, when it obtains and tracks the water supply temperature setting values of the secondary pipe network of heat exchange station. It also overall improves the automatic control and management level of the system.