Bandito o brigante? Il caso di Nunziato Di Mecola nella provincia di Chieti (1860-63)

Storicamente. 2013;9(1) DOI 10.12977/stor502


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Journal Title: Storicamente

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Giulio Tatasciore (Univ. Teramo, Dipartimento di Storia e critica della politica, via Renato Balzarini, Teramo, I-64100, Italy)


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This paper concerns the political, social and individual aspects of one episode of brigandage which followed the process of Italian unification in the province of Chieti (Abruzzi). The main character of the paper is Nunziato Di Mecola, a peasant who led a mass revolt proclaiming the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy between December 1860 and January 1861. Analyzing the official record of the trail against the brigands, the paper reflects upon the politicization of brigandage during an outright civil war.