Historia. Instituciones. Documentos (Dec 2008)

La actividad comercial de los puertos vascos y cántabros medievales en el Atlántico

  • Beatriz Arizaga Bolumburu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 35
pp. 25 – 43


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The small seaports of the Cantabrian Coast – particularly, the Basque and Cantabrian ports – direct their economic activity towards the sea, given that the land where they are located is scarce in food products. They maintain commercial relationships with the ports on the North Atlantic coast of France, with Flanders and England, as well as with the ports on the South Atlantic coast of Portugal, Andalusia and with ports on the Barbary Coast. The intensive commercial activity of this network of small seaports is made possible by their contact with inland towns, which provide them with raw materials and labour and which redistribute the goods arriving at the ports