Open Astronomy (Jul 2018)

Project “Universat-SOCRAT” of Multiple Small Satellites for Monitoring of Natural and Technogenic Space Hazards

  • Sadovnichiy Viktor Antonovich,
  • Panasyuk Mikhail Igorevich,
  • Lipunov Vladimir Mihailovich,
  • Bogomolov Andrey Vladimirovich,
  • Bogomolov Vitaliy Vladimirovich,
  • Garipov Gali Karymovich,
  • Gorbovskoi Evgeniy Sergeevich,
  • Iyudin Anatoliy Fedorovich,
  • Kaznacheeva Margarita Artemovna,
  • Kalegaev Vladimir Vladimirovich,
  • Klimov Pavel Aleksandrovich,
  • Kovtyh Aleksander Semyonovich,
  • Kornilov Viktor Gennadievich,
  • Kuznetsov Nikolay Viktorovich,
  • Maksimov Ivan Alekseevich,
  • Podzolko Mikhail Vladimirovich,
  • Popova Elena Petrovna,
  • Poroykov Aleksandr Yurievich,
  • Rezaeva Arina Aleksandrovna,
  • Rubinshtein Ilya Aleksandrovich,
  • Saleev Kirill Yurievich,
  • Svertilov Sergey Igorevich,
  • Troitskaya Dmitrievna Yulia,
  • Tulupov Vladimir Ivanovich,
  • Chazov Vadim Viktorovich,
  • Chepurnov Aleksander Sergeevich,
  • Shtunder Yan Anatolievich,
  • Shustova Anna Nikolaevna,
  • Yashin Ivan Vasilievich

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 27, no. 1
pp. 126 – 131


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The new space project of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University on elaboration of multiple satellites for real time monitoring in the near-Earth space of radiation environment, natural (asteroids, meteoroids) and artificial (space debris) potentially dangerous objects, electromagnetic transients, such as cosmic gamma ray bursts, terrestrial gamma ray flashes, optical and ultraviolet bursts in the Earth atmosphere is presented. It is intended to install on the satellites the following instruments for space monitoring of dangerous objects and hazards: spectrometers of electrons and protons, complex of instruments for study of transient electromagnetic phenomena including gamma ray spectrometer, detectors of ultraviolet and optical emission and wide-field optical cameras. Successful implementation of the project for the first time in the world allows realization of a space system prototype for monitoring and preventing of space hazards for both ongoing and planned space missions, and also for aircraft flying in the upper atmosphere. There are also discussed results of experiments on-board Lomonosov in view of good experience of wide field camera use for monitor observations in space. These results formed the base of scientific program for the new project Universat- SOCRAT.