Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki (Jan 2016)

Zmiany w ruchu i infrastrukturze turystycznej na przykładzie uzdrowisk dolnośląskich

  • Eleonora Gonda-Soroczyńska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 35


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Balneological services represent basic services in Polish spa and health resorts (44 urban and rural spas). Along with them the so-called complementary services are also provided. However, in the course of the recent several years the significant role has been and most probably will be played by the services which can significantly expand a typical spa and health offer. Such services constitute a new form of support in spa oriented tourism. They involve recreational and sport services, beauty treatment or body shaping ones, as well as other broadly approached tourist services. Currently spa resorts have turned into multifunctional centers or are striving to obtain such status. Among the offered facilities, especially the sport ones, the following should be listed: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, adequately arranged beaches and bathing waters, harbors and marinas, toboggan runs and skating rinks, ski slopes, horse stables and equestrian centers, hunting grounds and fisheries, volleyball and basketball courts, football pitches, tennis courts, gyms, outdoor fitness facilities, indoor fitness rooms, mini golf, bowling alleys, table tennis. An increasing number of bike rentals, water equipment rentals or car rentals are being opened. Spa & Wellness facilities represent the essential components of almost every hotel.