Развитие образования (Sep 2018)

About the implicit variant of the affix of the third person of the category of possession of nouns in the Chuvash language

  • Yuriy M. Vinogradov

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (1)
pp. 82 – 84


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The article deals with the spelling of nominal word combinations in the Chuvash language, the components of which are connected by an implicit version of the affix of the third person. The work points to the contradiction in the orthography of similar word combinations: кĕреке пуçĕ "toast-master", вăйă пуçĕ "head of the game", кĕтÿ пуçĕ "leader of the pack" (separately) – пирĕн çулпуç "our leader", гений çулпуç "brilliant leader" (in one word). The modern spelling dictionaries do not include a number of word combinations, which are identical in structure with the syntagmas represented in dictionaries in the joined-up writing. The author proves that a separate spelling corresponds to the orthography of all nominal syntagmas.