Economic Consultant (Oct 2019)

Emotional branding: the new paradigm of relationship management with customers

  • Arthur V. Kuchumov,
  • Alexandra V. Tchaikovsky,
  • Marina V. Voloshinova,
  • Yulia M. Boikova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 27, no. 3
pp. 19 – 26


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In the era of consumption, when people strive to improve their standard of living, there is a huge amount of goods that coexist with each other in a highly competitive environment. To survive in the competition, firms resort to all sorts of tricks that help attract the buyer, and then keep him. With the advent of a wide range of goods and services, manufacturers began to use not only logos for recognition, but also a verbal positive load in order for a product or service to enjoy the trust and favor of consumers. The purpose of the study is to justify and clarify the concept of «emotional branding». The work uses the method of emotional branding, which is based on the achievements of sociology, psychology, management, etc. This allows to evaluate the needs and desires of consumer from different sides, and, accordingly, satisfy them primarily at the emotional level. Manufacturers began to pay great attention to the packaging of goods, in order for the consumer to become their loyal customer and return for shopping again and again. As a result of the study, three features of emotional branding were formed. Today, emotional branding is not sufficiently developed in Russia. It has a weak scientific base and receives a lot of criticism, as it is a kind of manipulation of the human subconscious. However, emotional branding and its techniques are widely used throughout the world.