EPJ Web of Conferences (Jan 2020)

Uranium targets for heavy-ion accelerators

  • Lommel Bettina,
  • Celik Ayik Elif,
  • Hübner Annett,
  • Kindler Birgit,
  • Steiner Jutta,
  • Yakusheva Vera

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 229
p. 03006


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Uranium targets are very important for accelerator-based research of nuclear properties. Depending on the reaction to be studied and on the conditions during the experiments different restrictions on the target material have to be met; as for example, durability, melting temperature, reactivity or a possible contribution of the additional compounds present to the reaction. Therefore, we are developing processes to produce uranium targets in the elemental form as well as in different compounds. Here we report on the production and application of targets from metallic uranium, UF4 and UO2.