Defining Cognitive Logics by Non-Classical Tableau Rules

Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric. 2016;48(1):151-170 DOI 10.1515/slgr-2016-0060


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Journal Title: Studies in Logic, Grammar and Rhetoric

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Jarmużek Tomasz (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland)


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In the paper we propose a new approach to formalization of cognitive logics. By cognitive logics we understand supraclassical, but non-trivial consequence operations, defined in a propositional language. We extend some paradigm of tableau methods, in which classical consequence Cn is defined, to stronger logics - monotonic, as well as non-monotonic ones - by specific use of non-classical tableau rules. So far, in that context tableaus have been treated as a way of formalizing other approaches to supraclassical logics, but we use them autonomically to generate various consequence operations. It requires a description of the hierarchy of non-classical tableau rules that result in different supraclassical consequence operations, so we give it.