Studia Maritima (Jan 2016)

Wojna północna (1655-1660) jako casus wczesnonowożytnej geopolityki.

  • Dariusz Makiłła

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 29


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The text presents the shaping of the international regional order in Europe in early modern times exemplified with the Northern War (1655–1660). The text includes an analysis of a big war waged under specific conditions, which had its causes and which was an instrument of a policy made in a definite space and time geared to achieve certain political objectives connected with an international position such as it was perceived by its participants. At the same time the text is a case study of war understood as a situational model of a policy made during the Northern War (1655–1660), which affected the shaping of a certain order, and as a result there were some changes both in the international order and in internal relations of the participants of the 1655–1660 war.