Results in Engineering (Mar 2022)

A prototype of auto badminton training robot

  • Tran Thanh Tung,
  • Nguyen Xuan Quynh,
  • Tran Vu Minh

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13
p. 100344


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Modern badminton training machines, which circumvents the requirement of two opposing players for conducting a match, are either expensive or has complex operation. This research involved the prototyping of a shuttlecock robot that enables a badminton player to practice independently. First, a three-dimensional model of the badminton robot was designed. Subsequently, the dynamics of the mechanism were evaluated. Next, the hardware was designed using MATLAB. Finally, the trajectory of the badminton shuttlecock was determined using a series of experimental tests. The as-developed product was reliable and stable, enabling badminton players to practice independently. Moreover, the designed robot can be manufactured at a lower cost than similar machines developed in other studies.