Applied Computer Systems (Jun 2013)

Single Robot Localisation Approach for Indoor Robotic Systems through Integration of Odometry and Artificial Landmarks

  • Nikitenko Agris,
  • Liekna Aleksis,
  • Ekmanis Martins,
  • Kulikovskis Guntis,
  • Andersone Ilze

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 1
pp. 50 – 58


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we present an integrated approach for robot localization that allows to integrate for the artificial landmark localization data with odometric sensors and signal transfer function data to provide means for different practical application scenarios. The sensor data fusion deals with asynchronous sensor data using inverse Laplace transform. We demonstrate a simulation software system that ensures smooth integration of the odometry-based and signal transfer - based localization into one approach.